Help in a Hurry

We designed and developed a community portal using data collected from the Black Family Foundation’s Non-profit Profile Project to allow non-profit organizations, funders, and citizens to connect in one place for the very first time. The site bridged an important gap that existed between information about programs and services available to the community and those who need help. 

Information made freely accessible through the site included profiles on more than 300 nonprofit organizations including:


  • Location(s) with Google Maps
  • Hours of Operation
  • Board Members
  • Executive Staff
  • Organizational Overview & History
  • Programs and Services
  • Outcomes
  • Financials & 990s
  • Upcoming Events
  • Volunteer and Supply Needs
  • Job Openings


“Help in a Hurry saved us valuable time in helping our clients” -- Diane Giannelli,   Bethany Outreach Center