Erie Area Council of Governments


The work of analysts from Phoenix helped to pave the way for the Erie Area Council of Governments’ (EACOG) effort to secure approximately $150,000 in funding for its eGovernment Initiative. Phoenix was tasked with researching and analyzing the viability of key elements of the project. The eGovernment Initiative, formally known as the Erie County Broadband, eGovernment and Technology Assessment Project, developed plans for assisting Erie County municipalities and local government agencies in managing electronic information and conducting electronic government related activities to achieve greater impact and efficiency.

According to lead consult Alan Kugler of PA Futures, the EACOG effort “will provide access to timely information among the local governments in Erie County and lead to much greater intergovernmental communication and coordination… The principal idea is to intentionally and systematically use web based technologies to enable efficiencies and enhanced collaboration among the governments and also with the citizens.” The EACOG was ultimately successful in securing funding and developing its project. It received a Pennsylvania State Governor's Award in the information technology category for its work.