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Insights for Impact

We provide the evidence-based insights leaders rely on to make informed decisions in the complex social sector.

We spent years researching the attitudes, abilities and approaches of leading social change organizations. Now the profound insights of our data support philanthropists, non-profits, and responsible enterprises, by accelerating their capacity for impact.

The confidence to make breakthrough decisions begins with evidence-based insights. When you choose to work with Phoenix Impact Advisors, you access a catalogue of assessment tools that answer key questions about non-profits' reach, capacity, quality, and efficiency.



Insights lead to inspiration…

Hand-picked Impact Advisor teams support our clients as they implement the recommendations that emerge from our Assessments. 

We combine expertise in social finance, governance and operations, strategic planning, data and IT, and the many aspects of social impact organizations, on teams that help our clients accelerate their impact. 

Custom Assessments can be built through combinations of insights:

  • Strategy & Mission
  • Programming
  • Data and IT Infrastructure
  • Facilities Infrastructure
  • Community Engagement
  • Board & Governance
  • Personnel
  • Financial Planning & Data

Some of our Impact Assessments:  

Organizational Capacity: Are skills, operational systems, and infrastructure in place to support programs' growth? Assess readiness for increased reach. 

Governance Effectiveness: Do planning, management, and reporting systems meet contemporary expectations? Assess their transparency, consistency, and timeliness. 

Community Engagement: Do programs engage supporters and stakeholders in the community? Asses collaborative capacity beyond organizational boundaries. 



How are you assessing your impact?


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