Phoenix Impact Exchange

The Operating System for Social Impact

What started as a simple question, posed by a dedicated Foundation, is rapidly becoming a game-changing platform for social good—one that delivers the actionable insights nonprofit leaders need to accelerate their impact.


Where does philanthropic funding drive the most impact?

It is not a simple question. We should know; We spent three years finding the right answers. Our ‘Nonprofit Profile Project’ was a social impact data odyssey that profiled more than 400 nonprofits utilizing nearly 200 key data points. The results?... Nonprofits received actionable assessments to drive decision making and the foundation got the insights it was looking for to address the needs, challenges, and opportunities in their region. 



Put forth a plan, plan into action

Phoenix Impact Exchange takes the Nonprofit Profile Project to its next incarnation - a game-changing platform for social impact. When Impact Exchange launches, it will serve as an online community that reimagines the logistics of philanthropy by uniting data, analytics, performance measurement, grant management, and storytelling on a social network cloud-based platform to connect every stakeholder in the nonprofit sector.  



Converting Data to Dollars

Using gamified technology, nonprofits will provide Impact Exchange with data about their organization so they can finally reap rewards parallel to the data and effort they provide.  Funders – foundations, philanthropists, institutions – receive access to the cloud data platform and nonprofit intelligence dashboard to access the information, create reports, get matched up with nonprofits that align with their funding initiatives, and make grants to organizations in a few quick clicks.

With the right insights, 

could you change the 


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